Other Stock Trading Methods

W.D Gann: What is it?
This isn’t a what but a who. WD Gann was a famous dealer who prefabricated millions, zillions artefact backwards at the invoke of the century by predicting forthcoming hit mart trends by using the superior Gann Angle System. Just conceive for a whatever cardinal dollars whatever vendors are selection to permit you encounter the “Gann Secrets” and support you attain jillions in the hit market. Drop everything.. we hit institute the Holy Grail of hit trading.
Back to reality. Gann ….. do your-self a souvenir and do not modify squander your instance in this area. For digit it is a method that tries to “predict” the future. ANY method that does this, in my eyes, should not modify be considered. But here are whatever sensational facts most the so titled brilliant WD Gann and his awful method.

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The Gann method is most activity formation of trends to prognosticate reversals in those trends. It’s fancy. It crapper countenance enthusiastic on “cherry picked” instance charts. But prognosticate the future…. it crapper not do!
You staleness feature William Gallacher’s book: “Winner Takes All”, It is whatever instance since I feature it and do not hit a double here correct today but I ever advert the country on the Gann Method. His son was interviewed for a function at a formation and the conversation of his ascendant (the Great W.D. Gann) came up. It went something same this:
Interviewer: So what happened to every those jillions your ascendant prefabricated in the hit market?”
Son of Gann: “He never mitt us millions. He mitt us $50,000 ( do not excerpt me on this.. it was a baritone figure). My ascendant was a unfortunate trading the hit market. Although he did o.k. commerce his trading materials.”
There was a taste more to it than that but feature the aggregation for your-self and hit a vocalization at every those so titled “Gann” experts commerce trading methods supported on a method whose creator never prefabricated whatever money from.
Here is added fact most Gann… I feature in the Market Wizards II aggregation the Interview with William Eckhardt (p.110 / p.111) , and conceive me if the top, professed traders speech most Gann trading methods in this way, you do not poverty to be symptom your instance on it.
Eckhardt: “If you desired your machine grouping to be cognizant of slope, you would hit to information this feature into it. At that point, it would embellish extravagantly country that the formation continuance depends direct on the pick of units and scales for the instance and toll axes”
My comment: Basically he is locution in non mathematical language.. Gann angles for trading are likewise subjective.

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Jack Schwager: I hit ever been astonished by how whatever grouping are inattentive to the instance scale-dependent nature of interpret angles or blithe most its ramifications. My actualisation of the Inherent whimsy of formation of distinction methods is exactly I’ve never been selection to pay fivesome transactions modify fivesome transactions on Gann angles or the entireness by the proponents of his methodology.
There you hit it.
Verdict: I wouldn’t modify countenance at it for an scholarly welfare point. Never nous from a trading method. A rank squander of your time, money and effort.

Most Popular Stock Trading Techniques – Scalping, Momentum, Trend Following and More

Stock trading can be a great way to make just a little bit of extra cash or if successful – a lot of money! One of the key ways of being successful as a stock trader is having a good technique.

Scalping Stock Trading Technique

One of the most popular stock trading techniques is scalping. This stock trading technique is a great choice for beginners, and involves selling your stocks almost as soon as it has begun to make profit.
Essentially you make lots of small profits, but minimize losses. The method behind is it that traders believe that by placing lots of small trades it is easier to catch small moves in the stock prices than large ones.
Often a stock trader will establish and liquidate their position very quickly – sometimes within seconds or minutes. It is a very rapid and fast-moving method that keeps you on your toes. You have to be able to keep a firm eye on the stock market to know when to buy out.


Momentum Stock Trading Technique

Another one of the most popular stock trading techniques is the momentum technique. Momentum refers to the technique of following the crowds. You buy and sell stocks based on news releases and the general consensus among the trading community.
This is one of the simplest popular stock trading techniques and requires minimal technical knowledge – just the ability to stay abreast of current affairs and stay well connected with what’s going on in the trading world. Having an in depth knowledge of the market you are buying into will also put you in good stead.

Trend Following and Contrarian Stock Trading Techniques

Trend following is a very popular stock trading technique. It is a technique that is used in both day trading and other lengths as well. Trend following is pretty much as the name suggests. Traders follow trends – for example, if the price of a stock is rising they make the assumption that it will continue to rise and vice versa.
Using the trend following technique, the stock trader buys stocks as they begin to rise and sells as they begin to fall in the assumption they will continue in this trend.
Contrarian works in an opposite manner to trend following in that it assumes that if stock prices are rising then they will reverse and begin to fall and vice versa. Using the contrarian stock trading technique the trader will buy stocks as they begin to fall and sell them as they are rising.

Artificial Intelligence Stock Trading Technique

In recent years stock trading techniques have advanced so much that you no longer need to understand all the technical details yourself! More and more advanced programs and software are being created to help take the hard work out of stock trading.
Artificial intelligence stock trading software can be very expensive – costing into the tens of thousands of dollars for the best software. These are obviously reserved for the more serious stock traders. There are however much more affordable options and they have inbuilt intelligence that helps you determine when to buy and sell your stock.
One of the techniques used by software programs include the ability to track words and phrases within news articles to establish whether this is a negative or positive influence on your stocks.


Price Action Stock Trading Technique

The final most popular stock trading technique we shall look at today is the price action stock trading technique. This is one of the simplest of techniques, however it is very technical and detailed so requires in depth knowledge of how the markets work.
Traders using the price action technique do not use conventional indicators such as those we’ve mentioned before, but instead use technical analysis. This can include evaluating chart patterns, volumes and other raw market data to make an educated prediction as to which way the market will go.

Stock Trading Communities – What They Are, Benefits, How To Join and More

Stock trading is a popular activity all around the world – both for amateurs and seasoned professionals. In today’s guide we shall look at stock trading communities – what they are and what they can do for you.

What is a Stock Trading Community?

A stock trading community is an online forum through which you can communicate with other stock traders in a similar way to social networking sites.
All types of people join stock trading communities – amateurs through to professional traders. There are hundreds of different stock trading communities – some are very general whereas others are more specific to a particular market or area of trading.
Stock trading communities are a place for traders to come and share advice as well as look for advice from others. Some stock trading communities have articles and trade publications as part of the community so can be a great place to stay ahead of your trade. More advanced stock trading communities also have trading tools included on their site.
Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of joining a stock trading community.


What are the Benefits of a Stock Trading Community?

Knowledge is power – or so many people believe. This is certainly the case with stock trading. If you go into stock trading without in depth knowledge of the stock you are trading then chances are you are unlikely to be successful.
It can be difficult staying on top of all of the latest news and updates, especially if you only take part in stock trading outside of your 9-t0-5 job. By joining stock trading communities you have the ability to informally chat to other traders and get advice and guidance on stock trading.
This has huge benefits to amateurs who can learn from professional stock traders, but also gives professionals an opportunity to speak with other professionals to increase their knowledge and expertise.
Stock trading communities also give you the opportunity to become more involved with stock trading. The communities provide a range of links, articles and blogs that can enhance your knowledge and give you an alternative perspective on stock trading that you may have not previously considered.
Some of the more popular stock trading communities has trading tools for you to use that can come in very handy. The tools include programs that help you to identify the most predictable and reliable solutions in your chosen market.
Lastly – stock trading communities can be great fun. If you have a passion for stock trading then you will love interacting with others who share your passion – and you may just learn something along the way!

How to Join a Stock Trading Community

Joining a stock trading community is easy. A quick internet search will bring back dozens of results for you to choose from.
Several of the popular stock trading communities charges a fee to become a member, but often it is very much worth the fee as they provide you with a whole range of stock trading tools and communication platforms to connect with other stock traders. If you are starting out in the stock trading world then it can be a small fee to pay for the opportunity to learn the basics and gather a good background before laying down your cash.
Lots of stock trading communities are free to join, however they charge for access to their special features. You can decide whether or not these will be beneficial to you at a later date.


Not all good stock trading communities charge you to join however. Some of the most popular are indeed free to join and contribute. There are several very active stock trading communities that are available to people all around the world.
Have a look around several stock trading communities and don’t be afraid to join a few! You can never have too much information in the world of stock trading.